J’aime le chocolat! Chocolaty dinner at ‘Ra’

J’aime le chocolat!
Chocolaty dinner at ‘Ra’

Every Friday night, RA’s cook Hadas Cnaani offers a set menu, offering two courses and dessert as an informal, open dinner party. Named after the fictional home of the popular children’s character Pippi Longstocking, this weekly event has an emphasis on new flavours and cultural inspirations from across the world – sometimes designed with a particular theme in mind, or created in collaboration with a special guest cook.

For the Friday 27th of April dinner, Pantoufle and Hadas came up with a menu that has chocolate in every course! The chocolates that are used will also be for sale that night.


tasting plate with three kinds of melted chocolate, and seven things to dip
Madre Single Estate Hawaian (Hawaii), Pacari 70% Raw (Ecuador), Original Beans Cru Virunga 70% (Congo)

artichoke cooked in a vegetarian broth, infused with rosemary, served with a chocolate sauce and a hip of nuts + green salad with raspberries and raw chocolate nibs
chocolates: El Ceibo Heritage Cacao 75% (Bolivia) + caramelized nibs from Madagascar or raw nibs from Peru

pears cooked in black tea and vanilla from madagascar, ice cream and chocolate shavings
chocolates: The Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-licious 60% (Grenada, Caribbean)

Friday 27 April 2012, starting at 6pm
@ Ra, Kloosterstraat 13, 2000 Antwerp